This Par 4 is one of the trickiest holes on the entire course making par a truly exceptional score. Aim left and don’t be fooled by the deceptive look off the tee. Ending up the on the severe mound to the right of the fairway is easy to do and makes for one of the toughest shots on the course. If you are able to find the fairway a slightly uphill second shot awaits into a huge but fair green.

Hole Statistics:

Par: 4   Handicap: 4

Tee Boxes:
Pegasus: 426 yards
Serpent: 408 yards
Goat: 390 yards
Lion: 355 yards
Pin Hole Placement:

Green Depth: 33 yards
Green Width: 26 yards

Pin holes rotate daily.
Check with Golf Shop for the current pin placement.

Hole Overview:
Photo Gallery of Hole 14:

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