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I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that yesterday when I came into the club house the men’s group were nothing but very nice. I was expecting them to say something about having to wait on us but just the opposite. Actually they were very friendly and said see you next week.

So upon me thinking about this I thought that I need and want to tell you all, Jon, Eric, Chris, Ryan, Brooke, Jacob, Travis and all the sweet girls. And most of all TOM, how much I personally appreciate everyone.

We have now completed 2 years as Chimera Women’s Golf Association. As the tournament director I can not express how much you have helped me with the whole learning process. Anything I have ever ask you guys you have always listened and would do your best to help me make our club a success.

I look forward to the future, as does all the ladies. I never hear anything but positive feedback about the staff and the most beautiful golf course in Clark County. Thank you for making me feel part of your team.

Lauren Lucas

I was always raised and believe that congratulation, atta boys, well done, or whatever you want to call it should be given when deserved and in this case Chimera deserves the highest.

I am a retired Las Vegas Metro Police Detective and play golf with other retirees and active Detectives like my son.

I live in Boulder City and Boulder City Municipal and Boulder Creek are both excellent courses and I have played them for years. I have played all but 3 courses in the valley, those being Wynn, Shadow Creek and Southern Highlands which are way out of a retired cops price range. For many years I, as well as others with me played Tuscany and loved the layout. Tuscany then got real proud of their course and was basically out pricing us. We still occasionally played but then the rounds started to be a “wait only” course with some rounds surpassing the 5 hour mark. There were 2 occasions where we got to # 17 and saw a 4 some on the green, a foursome in the middle and one on the t-box and we were next. Looking over to # 18 we saw basically the same scenario and we had already been playing for 4 Y2 hours. We decided enough was enough and left the course. I contacted the club house and though apologetic but complacent, why should they care, they had our money, no big deal to them. In essence Tuscany was valuing high end paying t­ times and walk-ins vs locals who were basically shunned with no recourse. Our recourse was we stopped playing at Tuscany for a year.

In comes Chimera. I had the time so I decided to see if it was just a name change or a name change with new management but with cutting course maintenance as I have seen in a lot of course take overs i.e. Whildhorse. I took the chance and got a t-time at a very reasonable rate knowing full well that if it was a disaster all I had to do was leave and go elsewhere.

I am here to tell you I could not have been more pleased. I knew no one at the course and they didn’t know me. That changed as soon as I walked in the door. I don’t know how and really don’t care but as I walked in the pro staff greeted me with a “Good afternoon Mr. Hart”. He was extremely cordial and asked if I had played before I am assuming that if I had said no he would be advising me of the course. Once paid, I walked into the restaurant and sat at the bar. The young lady was quick and the cordial introduction: “Hi I’m Brooke, how can I help you?” I told her my name and I had a soft drink and she smiled and made “golf course” chit chat and as I left to play she wished me a good round.

On the course I met the cart girl who also introduced herself as Jennifer who asked my name and let me know where on the course she would probably see me again as an advisement so I knew how much to order if I needed anything. On leaving I also got a “Have a good round” from Jennifer.

Once I completed my 3 hour round I returned to the restaurant greeted by Brooke with a smile and asking how I played and did I enjoy the course. That was it!!!! I was sold. Now one time sales pitches are for timeshares and once purchased everything changes, not so with Chimera. My next outing was with my son and 2 other LVMPD Detectives a week later. The greeting by the Pro Staff was the same and a friendly “Hi Rick!” was received from Brooke. She asked my sons name and we were off again as a 4 some. 4 hours later we were done and visited the restaurant and the waitress (I’ m sorry I forgot her name) was perfect and made us feel like we were sitting in a living room relaxing. The service was prompt, affordable and a pleasure. We did not eat as it was close to dinner.

Today I played again and it was like Deja vu. My GPS on my cart died on hole #2 as it said the battery was too low. Not an issue to be concerned about. I could have changed carts but not worth the hassle I made due. When I finished the round I let the cart staff know and they were very apologetic.

I have rambled on about the amenities, staff, and treatment which I can do nothing but praise. The course in itself is in fantastic shape!!!!! A true pleasure to play a course so well maintained, and just a real pleasure to play and something I look forward to. On a side note on # 13 a grounds keeper was spraying the t-box. I approached the t-box and he immediately stopped and asked if the hose or his maintenance vehicle that was parked to the right of the t-box was a bother to me as he said he could move it so it wasn’t in my sight. Unbelievable, unnecessary but the concern was appreciated. Back to the course, as I said it is great.

I have sent many people out to Chimera and when they ask if it is a new course I explain that it is the old Tuscany and they hedge until I tell them to go, it is Chimera and the only thing similar to Tuscany is the buildings and course layout, everything else has been perfected. The ones I have sent have thanked me and now it is becoming a staple course.

I have lived in Boulder City for 35 years and love the courses here but I have to tell you when people ask, I send them to Chimera. / Jive 5 miles from Boulder Creek and even closer to Boulder City Municipal and I will make the drive any day of the week and play Chimera.

I have rambled on long enough but I know that when people have a good experience once they leave the venue most of the time that is it until someone asks. Hopefully you will appreciate this and let yourself the Pro Staff, the restaurant staff and even the maintenance guy that was nice enough to offer to move a cart know that I noticed, my friends noticed, and they deserve a well done and thanks for making pleasurable days.

If you want to use my name as a review for whatever reason, feel free. I stand by what I have seen at Chimera and totally appreciate what appears to be a golf club the values quality vs. quantity.

Gentlemen, I have always taken the time after bringing my group to a new course to give a quick review of the day. I know how important feedback can be in your business, so as the trip coordinator I feel it comes with the territory.

This will be a boring email….I have nothing but positives for you guys. From Sean talking to me in the shop while I was stretching out, to Ryan running all over the place getting our group set, to Brian making a point to come out to say hello…the service was first rate.

When one of our guys misplaced his bag and left it there, you guys were all over it. There was a constant line of communication until the matter was rectified, and it was appreciated.

One thing I am always critical of is how much help we get to get our carts figured out once we get there. Obviously you guys have the advantage of having the staging area right there when you get off the bus, and the range right behind that. This is a HUGE coup in my opinion, and is just one of the reasons we are DEFINITELY coming back to Chimera. The guys that got us set up were very friendly and helpful.

As for the course, it did not disappoint. It is a great course for a group like mine, with many holes where you can be errant with your drive, easily find it, and in many cases play it where it lies if you so choose. Chimera is a great combination of pristine conditions and playability, a combination that trip organizers like myself are always looking for to make our lives easy. The signage was good and no one got lost.

We are absolutely willing to drive down there again next year. Take care.

Love the new name and new look! It’s cleaner and more professional, definitely the best golf course I’ve played at.

I had such a great time golfing at Chimera Golf Club. The golf course is so nice and clean! I’m definitely coming back. This is the best golf club ever!

What a great golf course! Formerly known as Tuscany it was recently bought and the name changed to Chimera Golf Club. The course is one of the nicest courses I have played and was in tip top shape when I played here. Super green! It also helped that I shot my best round ever which made my experience even better.

Very nice course, play on the second nine was a bit slow. Ate at the clubhouse twice, great food!