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Hole 10 at Chimera is an uphill Par 4 that is not as simple as it first appears. You must find the fairway and avoid the two fairway bunkers along the right side. Once safely in play, the second shot needs to be kept below the hole as the green slopes hard from back to front.

From an elevated tee, this hole offers a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Strip. The longest Par 5 at Chimera, measuring 567 yards from the Pegasus tees, can yield a good score if you are able to hit the fairway. The second shot gives you many options and longer players may even have the opportunity to reach the green. The undulated two-tiered green will test even the strongest putters.

This Par 3 at Chimera is a mid-iron for most players. The seemingly simple hole is defended by the prevailing Vegas winds. Pay attention and choose your club carefully to escape with par or better.

This Par 4’s fairway is much wider than it appears from the tee. Avoiding the fairway bunker on the right with your drive will set up an uphill approach into a massive two-tiered green. Finding the correct shelf on the green is a must for a chance to two-putt.

This Par 4 is one of the trickiest holes on the entire course making par a truly exceptional score. Aim left and don’t be fooled by the deceptive look off the tee. Ending up the on the severe mound to the right of the fairway is easy to do and makes for one of the toughest shots on the course. If you are able to find the fairway a slightly uphill second shot awaits into huge but fair green.

Driving is at a premium on this medium length Par 5. Those who find the fairway and avoid the four daunting fairway bunkers will be rewarded with a tremendous opportunity to make a great score. Your second and/or third shot will play well uphill so you must choose the right club to take advantage.

Arguably the toughest test on the course with one of the narrowest fairways. This long Par 4 demands accuracy off the tee to set up a manageable approach. Keep your second shot beneath the hole as the green slopes severely from back to front.

This short Par 3 plays from a slightly elevated tee to a heart-shaped green. Avoiding the berm in front and the fresh water lake behind and right of the green can be tough as the winds swirl in the SE corner of the golf course.

The home hole gives you many options. On this Par 4 feel free to choose driver and flirt with the water to the left on the tee shot or lay back with an iron and deal with the water on the approach. The second shot is one of the most picturesque on the course as you stare at the world-famous Stratosphere behind the green. A par or birdie is quite the achievement and will leave you feeling as if you slain the Chimera!