15 of The Most Fun Baby Shower Games

Celebrating the upcoming arrival of a new baby is a wonderful reason for family and friends to get together. However, the key to planning a successful baby shower and selecting the right baby shower games is knowing your guests.  You may need some games for icebreakers, some to get the crowd moving, and some to keep the party going when there is a lull.  The ultimate goal is to keep the baby shower upbeat, interactive, and fun. This list of 15 of the most fun baby shower games provides a variety of options to get the crowd moving and talking.

  1. Don’t Say Baby This classic baby game allows guests to break the ice and interact at their assigned tables. As they arrive, each guest is given five diaper pins and must attach them to their outfit. Each time someone catches you saying the word “baby,” in conversation, you must give them a diaper pin. Near the end of the shower, the guest with the most diaper pins wins a prize. This game always has guests laughing as they catch themselves.
  2. Diaper RaffleThis one is more for the expectant mother than anyone else but most guests love competing. Every new mom needs diapers so encourage the guests to bring a variety of diaper cases, in different sizes. For each pack of diapers, a guest gets a raffle ticket. If you bring two packs of diapers, you’d get two raffle tickets. The winner will go home with a gift basket and the mom-to-be will be well stocked with diapers.
  3. Rock a Bye Baby This game is perfect to play at a co-ed baby shower. It’s played in pairs, and each pair receives a pair of fuzzy baby pajamas and a bucket of small plastic babies. Place another bucket on the opposite side of the room. One member holds the feet of the pajamas, while other holds the top, and then they put a plastic baby in the middle and fling it across the room. Hopefully, it lands it the other bucket, and the team that lands the most plastic babies in the bucket wins the game.
  4. Blindfolded Diaper Change Relay
    This is another fun activity to play in teams that works at co-ed showers. Set up several diapering stations, including baby dolls, swaddled in diapers. Divide your guests into teams, and hand each team a blindfold. After setting the timer and beginning, each member of the team takes a turn removing an old diaper and putting a new one on the baby doll. The team that finishes the most while blindfolded wins.
  1. Balloon Baby Twister All you need for this hilarious game is a bunch of blown up balloons and a game of Twister. Ask each of your guests to place at least one balloon under their shirt so they look pregnant too. The game will get awkward and funny as guests are waddling around the Twister mat with one hand on Blue and one foot on yellow. You can award multiple small prizes for categories, such as funniest pose, least amount of dropped balloons, or who carried the most balloons under their shirt. Let the mom-to-be sit this one out and be the judge.
  2. Guess the Baby Food
    This is one of those classic baby shower game ideas that incite fun and laughter at most showers.  You may think it’s fun to make your new baby eat mashed carrots or apples but in reality, they look and taste like mush.  Light up several containers of baby food with the labels off. Ask your guests to guess the baby food flavors by smelling and tasting. Have plastic spoons or Popsicle sticks nearby to avoid double dipping.
  3. Guess the Dirty Diaper
    An actual dirty diaper is no fun, but this game involves filling up diapers with different candy bars. Each diaper has a different candy bar melted into it to look like baby poop. Choose different kinds such as chocolate with caramel, chocolate and peanut butter, and milk chocolate.  Pass the diapers around, starting a different diaper at each table. Ask the baby shower guests to guess which candy bar they think it is and write it down.
  4. Guess the Mother’s MeasurementsDuring pregnancy is the only time it’s socially acceptable to talk about the expectant mother and the size of her belly. Make it a game and pass around a ball of yarn and some scissors. Ask the guests to cut a piece of yarn that they think matches the mom-to-be’s belly. Once everyone has a piece of yarn, ask each guest try their yarn around the expectant mother’s belly. The person who comes closest will win a prize.
  5. Bottle to Bottle Fill some long skinny baby bottles with sprinkles and cover it with double-sided tape and cut a medium-size hole in it. Make sure to remove the nipples. Then, grapple another baby bottle, turn it upside down, and attach it with the first bottle. Guests must try to transfer the sprinkles from one baby bottle to the other to win. A few may get attached to the tape but most of the sprinkles should travel to the second bottle.
  6. Play dough Baby
    This is a unique baby shower idea if you have children present or if you want a fun and nostalgic activity. Hand out several canisters of Play-Doh and muffin liners and paper plates to each guest. Ask them to make baby sculptures out of the Play-Doh.  You might be surprised how crafty and into it some of your guests get as they add diapers or pacifiers. Award a prize for the most realistic looking Play-Doh baby.
  7. Baby Shower Bingo
    You don’t want your guests to become bored while the mom-to-be opens the baby shower gifts. Therefore, to keep everyone engaged, play a game of baby shower bingo. You can make the bingo cards ahead of time, listing popular gifts like a swing, mobile, diapers, or bottles. Or you can provide a template and ask guests to write down what they think the mom-to be will receive on all of the boxes. As she opens her shower gifts, guests cross them off their bingo card if they have it. Whoever crosses off a complete vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line wins a round. You can provide popular gift cards as prizes.
  8. Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower Emoji Game
    This free printable baby shower game is perfect to play while your guests are waiting to have lunch. The goal of this game is to guess the classic nursery rhyme by looking at the emojis. For example, the line with five monkeys and a bed would be “Five Little Monkeys.” The line with the London flag, two bridges, and a down arrow stands for “London Bridges.” This game is easy since you just set a timer and when it’s done, you count how many people got right. Make sure they don’t use their phones to look for answers. If you want to do themed prizes, you could fill baby bottles with candy or an adult nursery rhyme themed book.
  9. Celebrity Baby Name Game
    Do your guests keep up with celebrity gossip? If so, test their knowledge of celebrities and their babies. Gather a number of popular celebrities and their kids. You may find them in entertainment magazines or online. Assign a number to each celebrity baby and then hang the baby photos on one side of the wall. Nearby, hang the photos of all the celebrity parents. Give each guest a piece of paper and a pen and tell the players they have 10 minutes to match as many baby photos to their parents. Another spin on this game is to pass out free printable sheets with baby names like Suri or Coco, or Apple and have the celebrity parents in a second column. Give your guests five minutes to match as many as they can. The person who matches the most within the time limit wins.
  1. Baby’s First Book
    This activity works with any baby shower theme.  You can stick to a basic ABC theme or combine it with a nautical theme or an animal theme etc.  All you need to do is print the free downloadable template onto some cardstock, and cut the paper in half. Remember to keep the papers in alphabetical order and do one as an example for your guests.  Arrange the papers, markers, and colored pencils in a pretty wicker basket. Ask the guests to choose one and draw a picture with its corresponding letter, writing the name of the object on the line provided.  After the party ends, you can bind the pages together. Alternatively, you could trim the paper to fit into smaller photo book and give to the mom-to-be at the end of the party.
  2. Gender Reveal Games There are many fun game ideas to reveal the baby’s gender.  If the expectant mom wants a keepsake, opt to make a framed picture with blue and pink hand prints. Ask the guests to guess the gender by writing their name on a blue or pink shape. All of the guests who guessed correctly will win a small prize, and the new mom has a framed picture with all of her baby shower guests’ names.  Another fun option is to hang black colored balloons to a board and have your guests pop them. When they do, pink or blue confetti will spill out. If you want the gender reveal to be simple and easy, consider filling a large bottle with custom M & M’s. You can fill it with either blue or pink to reveal the gender but also some to say “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” Ask your guests to count how many candies are in the bottle, and the one who comes closest gets to keep them.

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