Visage GPS is available on chimera Golf Club's entire feet of carts

The Visage system allows for your business/corporation to promote your products, services, and high-quality information to a captive audience on our amazing 10.4″ HD touchscreens on each golf cart

Reaching your audience on the golf course means catching the patron while they are relaxed and in a positive environment, allowing them to be receptive to your message. As a cart reaches each hole and travels down the fairway, the monitor displays advertising material showcasing your companies products and services.  This is shown on an average of 14 minutes per hole.

How do I get started?

  1. Fill out the Inquiry Form and Choose a Par
  2. Submit Your Artwork
  3. Sit Back and Advertise

Looking for more information

What is an insert (tee box, fairway, & green) ads

An insert ad appears in the bottom right corner of the monitor that is displayed to the customer.  Usually, this ad presents the brand or company identity and creates brand awareness by displaying the business/company logo.  The insert ad is 314 pixels wide and 141 pixels in height.

An insert ad can appear in the following locations:

  • Tee Box*: As the cart pulls up to the tee box, your insert ad will appear.
  • Fairway*: As the cart travels down the fairway another insert ad is used to promote product or model awareness.  Advertisers can provide more detailed information by displaying your company name or short slogan.
  • Green*: As the cart approaches the green another ad will be displayed.  This is an opportunity for an additional ad placement for advertisers to further brand themselves and tell potential buyers what you do, sell, or serve.

*All three of these ads above are shown in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

What is a full screen (Tee Box, Fairway, & Green) Ads

A Full Screen ad appears over the entire screen on the monitor that is displayed to the customer. The Full Screen ad is 1024 pixels wide and 600 pixels in height.

Your full screen ad or video ad is automatically triggered as the cart leaves the green and continues until the golfer reaches the next tee box.  This ad placement should be used for advertisers to give high visibility to a featured product and message or to provide a “call to action.”  This ad should contain information regarding company profiles, services, offered or pricing.

What are the ad dimensions

Ad File Size:

  • Insert Ad – 314 pixels wide x 141 pixels tall
  • Full Screen Ad – 1024 pixels wide x 600 pixels tall

Image File Format: Ads must be in jpeg format, RGB color and saved at a medium compression level (equivalent to a quality of 72 in Photoshop)

Video File Format: Video Ad must be 720 pixels wide x 422 pixels tall and saved in WMV format, at 10 frames per second with a Video Bitrate of 250 kbps and Audio Bitrate of 192 kbps.

If you have your video in another format besides WMV and need it converted, you can supply your finalized video to us for conversion, but a small one-time fee for conversion may apply.

GPS Advertising Inquiry

For more information on our GPS Advertising, contact our Team by using the contact form or by calling Ryan Burke at (702) 534-3203.


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