Chimera Golf Club requires a (24) hour advance notice to cancel any tee times, including reductions in group size.  If change or cancellation is not made within this time-frame, the credit card holder is responsible for all applicable charges.  Furthermore, if the group for which the booking appears for fewer players than the reservation is for, then the credit card holder is responsible for the remaining players (refer to No Show/Cancellation Policy for further details and fees).

Dress Code:  Proper golf attire is required at all times for all players and riders to include both collared and/or tailored collarless shirts for men and recognized golf fashion for women. Golf shoes with soft spikes or athletic shoes required. T-shirts, swimwear, tank tops, jeans or cut-offs are not appropriate attire.

Club Sharing:  Each player must have his/her own set of clubs. Sharing sets of clubs is prohibited

USGA has released the newest Rules of Golf for 2019 click here for the 20 Most Important Changes .  

Online Tee Time Booking: We offer all of our available tee times online and these tee time prices may be lower than our phone & walk in rates. The preferred pricing for those booking tee times online also agree to our cancellation policy and guarantee payment via credit card.

Don’t forget to call and book your Chimera Limo Cart or GolfBoard after you’ve booked your tee time.
If you’re a single player, please contact us at (702) 951-1500 and we’ll add you to an available group.

GIVE US A CALL AT: (702) 951-1500 (available 24/7/365)