Chimera Golf Club Driving Range powered by Trackman

unleash your swing with our Driving Range

Chimera Golf Club is the first golf course in Nevada and in Las Vegas & Henderson to offer a TrackMan Powered Driving Range experience.

You can practice and track your performance with distinct parameters such as Ball Speed and Carry Distance.

Bring your Friends & Family and play entertaining games like Capture The Flag, Hit It, and BullsEye.  There’s something for everyone on our TrackMan powered Driving Range.

Track every swing with precise measurements

TrackMan Range precisely measures a series of key data points, such as your carry distance, side and launch angle.

Powered by Trackman Range technology, Chimera Golf Club’s Driving Range is simply the best experience you’ll encounter with this much precision.  It’s incredibly easy to use by downloading and creating your profile through the Trackman Range app on your mobile device.

Practice makes perfect

The best players in the world use Trackman and now you can too at Chimera Golf Club! After downloading and create a profile in the Trackman Range app, it coverts range ball data into premium ball data, ensuring all of your practice sessions are as realistic as the course itself! Review the data that is available for you to analyze and increase your potential instantly.

Practice Levels

It’s a measure over time of how often you practice and how many balls you hit. The more you practice, the higher practice level you will get.

Ball Conversion

Turn on Ball Conversion to transform the range ball into a premium ball in no wind conditions. The realism really does exist within your practice session with a TrackMan range app.

Bounce, Carry, Roll

Based on carry distance, ball landing characteristics and the driving range surface, the app will estimate bounce and roll to deliver total distance.

Shall we play a game?

Games are not only a lot of fun, they help improve your shot making skills significantly. Choose between Bull’s Eye, Capture the Flag & Hit It!  Each game is quick, challenging & fun. Play alone or with group or invite the person next to you for a quick challenge.

Bull's Eye

In Bull’s eye, each player has three shots per round. Points are awarded based on distance to the pin & the player with the most points wins!


Capture the Flag

Each player has three shots per round. The distance of each shot to the nearest target is evaluated & the player with the most flags wins!

Hit It!

Each player has three shots per round. The distance of each shot is evaluated & the player with the longest drive wins!

Getting Started

To get started, you’ll need to download the free TrackMan Range app from below and follow the on-screen instructions.

In order to save your shot data for later analysis, you’ll have to create a profile.

On your Desktop?  Scan the QR Code below to download the TrackMan Range app to your mobile device.


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