5 Fun Baby Shower Games with Diapers

A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without a set of comical games to set the playful tone of the afternoon. Above all, today is the day to gather friends and family to laugh, catch up and just unwind together before the sweet little one arrives. Diaper baby shower games have always been a popular hit – not only do they perfectly fit the theme of the afternoon, but it encourages baby shower guests to fill your home with one of the most important baby items for the early years with a child.

If you’re looking for the best hilarious baby shower games with diapers, explore these fun options that range from messy and competitive to artistic and relaxing. No matter your unique baby shower theme, these diaper games are sure to give your guests a good laugh and help the group get to know each other with ease. Below you’ll find five fun baby shower games with diapers for an unforgettable afternoon.

Dirty Diaper Guessing Game

Perhaps the most well-known diaper baby shower game, the dirty diaper game is a quick and easy activity that gets the whole room laughing. With years of dirty diaper changing on the horizon, it’s important to get a bit silly and acknowledge the hard work parents go through during the baby’s first year. The dirty diaper change game fills each diaper with different chocolate candy or baby food before asking each guest to make a guess on what’s inside.

What you’ll need:

5-10 diapers(depending on how many guests you have)

An assortment of fun-sized chocolate candy bars or baby food


Markers and pens


  • Before the party begins, place a different fun-sized chocolate candy or baby food inside each diaper. Be sure to label the outside of the diaper and make a note of which candy you place in there before it melts. 
  • If using chocolate, crunch up the candy bar further to confuse the player. To speed up the process, pop the candy bar in the microwave for 5-10 seconds before adding it to the diaper.
  • Lay the candy-filled diapers on a long table with corresponding numbers.

How to Play:

  • Pass out a pen and paper to each guest
  • Invite your guests to peruse the diapers and ask them to guess which candy bar or food variety is in each diaper.
  • Announce the secret candy bars within each diaper and ask your guests to add up their points.
  • Award the winner with a large candy bar, a packet of candy or other special desserts.

Dirty Diaper Game Tips:

  • Be sure to snap plenty of fun photos of both the prep and the play of the dirty diaper game. The reactions of each guest are bound to be priceless.
  • Include the empty wrappers of the candy bars or food jars along with the table so guests can pair up which candy goes where.
  • Include framed instructional cards about how to play the game. This allows guests to play at their own leisure as they mingle and guess the candy.
  • As an alternative to candy, fill the diapers with different flavors of baby food.

Diaper Relay Race

No matter where you host your baby shower, the diaper relay race is an exciting activity that is bound to create some hilarious memories. Break into small teams of party guests and race to completely change a baby doll’s diaper the fastest. Add an extra challenge by blindfolding each team member as they attempt to change the baby doll. If you have a smaller group, ask each person to complete the whole process from start to finish as quickly as they can!

What You’ll Need:

1 diaper per team (or guest for smaller gatherings)

1 baby doll per team, preferably plastic babies

Diaper cream

Wipes or toilet paper


Blindfolds (optional)

Long table


  • Dress a set of plastic baby dolls in small diapers. For an extra challenge, add chocolate candy to the diaper for the “dirty” diaper.
  • Create a station for each team with a fresh diaper, cream, wipes, toilet paper, and powder.
  • Designate one person to be the judge or if you want to go one team at a time, have someone to hold the stopwatch.

How to Play:

  • Depending on the size of your group, break up into several teams of 3-4 people. Designate a judge to stand at the head of the table.
  • Either all at once or one team at a time, instruct each member of the team to take on one task of changing the baby doll: cleaning, prepping and then dressing.
  • Whoever finished the quickest wins a special party favor.
  • If you want to add an extra challenge or if you need a tie-breaker, instruct the teams to complete the task with a blindfold.

Diaper Relay Race Tips:

  • Mix up your teams with people who have never met. This is a great ice breaker for the shower.
  • Determine your teams based on unique qualifiers: all men on one team if you throw a co-ed baby shower, people with or without children, college friends vs. family members, etc.
  • As always, be sure to snap photos during the race.
  • Switch out regular diapers with cloth diapers and safety pins.

What’s in the Diaper?

Even as trends come and go, there will always be a few iconic baby items that every parent owns. Pacifiers, baby food containers, mini baby bottles, bottle tops, rattles or popular small stuffed animals. Veteran parents will know these baby items without even looking at them. To play this game, challenge the group to guess what’s hidden inside the soft padding of a diaper.

What You’ll Need:

5-6 diapers, depending on how challenging you’d like to make the game

5-6 small baby items that have distinct shapes, textures or sounds

Paper and pen


  • Choose a long table to display your diapers and instructions.
  • Number each diaper from 1-6.
  • Include a small card to explain the rules of the game. Ask your guests to try and guess the item inside the diaper by only feeling through the diaper.
  • Lay out a piece of paper and pen for each guest to play at their leisure.
  • Designate a prize for each winner.

How to Play:

  • Invite your guests to choose their own sheet of paper and write what they believe is hidden within each diaper.
  • After all your guests have had a chance to guess, reveal the items.
  • Reward the winner with the most correct answers with a surprise!

What’s in the Diaper Tips:

  • Include a wildcard item that has nothing to do with babies but will give your guests a good laugh.
  • Change up the types and thickness of the diaper for a greater challenge and award different points for each one.

Diaper Raffle

There’s no question that diapers are one of the largest expenses in the first few years of having a baby. In your baby shower invitations, announce to your guests that you’ll be holding a diaper raffle! The more diapers you bring to the party, the more raffle tickets you’ll receive for a special prize.

What You’ll Need:

  • A raffle prize such as a nice bottle of wine, a gift certificate, or a large flower arrangement
  • A place to collect and count all the diapers from your guests
  • Paper for raffle entries
  • A hat for drawing names


  • Include instructions for your diaper raffle on your invitation or event website.
  • Layout pieces of paper and pens by the raffle gift.
  • Include game instructions by the raffle item.

How to Play:

  • When guests arrive, invite them to fill out their names on small slips of paper for each diaper (or to simplify the process, add one name per set of 5 or 10 diapers).
  • At the end of the party, pull a name out of the hat and announce the winner.

Diaper Raffle Tips:

  • For an extra level of challenge, invite your guests to package their diapers in a fun and unique way for extra raffle entries.
  • Keep a running tally of the total diapers at the front of the room.
  • Ask guests to bring a range of diaper sizes for the early months of a quickly growing baby.

Diaper Decoration

Celebrate you and your guests’ artistic talents by setting up a diaper decoration station. Your station can take several approaches: diaper messages, 3-D artwork or cloth diaper decoration. For the first option, invite your guest to write a message with a magic marker on the back of a diaper. Fun phrases may include things like, “Change me!” or, “I love dad.” You can also invite your guests to add their own drawing to the diaper as well as quotes from their favorite children’s book or nursery rhyme.

For a more competitive approach, include 3-D arts and crafts supplies like fabric paint, glitter, beads, and ribbon to create larger works of art. Judge which diaper design went above and beyond or invite your guests to anonymously vote for their favorites.

If diapers and cloth bibs are the main part of your baby shower décor, invite guests to paint or draw their own design on a decorative diaper. Hang their finished product on a decorative clothesline at your party to display everyone’s creations.

What you’ll need:

An assortment of cloth or traditional diapers

Art supplies like markers, paint, glue, glitter, and ribbon

Space for decorating

Instructions/suggestions for decorating


  • Layout fresh diapers and a few examples of decoration options
  • Include instructions on where to place their finished products
  • Provide a designated space to get a bit messy with markers and craft supplies

How to Play:

  • Depending on which angle you choose, surround a basket of fresh diapers with art supplies and invite guests to create their own designs.
  • If you choose to make it a competitive game, ask the room to vote for their top three favorite diapers after everyone is finished.
  • Reward the winner with a fun party favor

Tips for Diaper Decoration:

  • Be sure to snap an image of every diaper after its completion. These shots will make great additions to your baby photo album.
  • This is an ongoing, passive game to play during a baby shower. Invite guests to decorate their diapers at their leisure as they sip drinks and enjoy appetizers.
  • Set up a separate area for any children at the shower. They will likely be the most enthusiastic and request more supplies for making multiple diapers.

Looking another baby shower game idea? Consider:

  • Baby shower bingo
  • Guess the baby name
  • Pregnancy trivia
  • Diaper cake construction
  • Guess the baby gender
  • Baby word scramble

Diaper games at a baby shower are a great way to bring your guests together. Once you have your dream design and favorite games in mind, find a baby shower venue that can bring your party and game ideas to life. The Pavilion at Chimera Golf Club offers a range of customizable spaces for every major milestone in your life – from a new baby or weddings to large birthday celebrations. We specialize in baby shower brunches with tailored menus and exceptional ambiance. Each parent-to-be can work directly with their own event coordinator to design a day that celebrates this new beginning.

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