Best Theme Wedding Ideas for Fall 2019

Traditionally, wedding colors and flowers dictated your wedding theme. Nowadays, more couples are using an entire theme to highlight their wedding day, whether it’s their favorite television series or more of a feeling such as a romantic vintage wedding. Planning a fall wedding allows you endless possibilities from rustic settings to fall foliage and fruits. These are the best theme wedding ideas for Fall 2019, and they include the hottest trends today. 

Vintage Weddings

Vintage weddings are one of the most popular fall wedding trends because couples can combine contemporary style with timeless elegance.  Using a two-tone color palette of lavender and amethyst works beautifully with a romantic vintage wedding. Vintage weddings allow you to incorporate important memories from the past, such your grandmother’s brooch in your bouquet. One of the best ways to make a vintage wedding unique is with the lighting and the decor.  You could dim the lighting and have a reception purely by candlelight for a romantic ambiance. Hanging glass lanterns inside also gives it a vintage vibe. For a fun vibe, provide an antique bird cage or vintage suitcase as your card box.

If you want a theme for your vintage wedding, many couples like The Great Gatsby and an Art Deco theme.  For a color palette, you can use gold and silver and add some muted tones like mauve or a dusty pink. Some Great Gatsby wedding reception ideas include using decorating the tables in gold tablecloths and using gold gilded plates. Mix old and new with your wedding decorations, and combine vintage and modern candle holders with white roses for a pretty table centerpiece.   Have some fun with the movie by displaying quotes from it on your seating chart or the table numbers. Complete this vintage and Art Deco theme by renting a 1920s Ford car for the night.

Rustic Weddings

Rustic fall weddings are popular because you can use your favorite wedding style such as casual chic with a country wedding.  There are so many rustic wedding ideas, including some from Green Wedding Shoes. A rustic wedding is the ideal theme to use the fall fruits, such as pumpkins and apples. You can carve numbers in the pumpkins as the table numbers and put tea light candles in the apples. With the cooler temperatures, a hot apple cider bar or hot chocolate cart would make a welcome addition too.

Use seasonal and colorful decorations at the wedding reception. Make the inside of your reception venue look more outdoorsy by hanging branches with twinkling lights from the ceiling. If you’re a country bride, consider using cowboy boots filled with floral arrangements as your centerpieces.  Serve seasonal pies, such as apple, pumpkin, and pecan, in addition to the wedding cake. Use local flavors as your wedding favors, such as caramel popcorn, peach jam, or caramel apples.

Woodland Weddings

Woodland weddings involve using the enchanting forest as much as you and bringing it indoors for the reception.  There is an array of woodland and fairytale invitations, perfect for this theme. The shades of emerald and moss green look stunning at a woodland forest wedding. You can add another color, such as raspberry for a pop of color.  The bride often wears a long-sleeved lace wedding dress. This fall, flowing curls and braids are in style, which are often held in place with a floral crown.

You may not need to decorate much for the ceremony, except for adding some floral arrangements near the altar or the seating. Choose some seasonal blooms like yellow mustard roses, greenery, and vivid leaves. If it’s possible, consider having the bride arrive on a white horse for a timeless fairytale woodland tradition.

It’s simple to bring the essence of the forest inside your reception too.  Arrange your appetizers or sweet table on wooden slabs and adorn it with moss. You can also use moss in your table centerpiece by covering tree logs and white candles with it. Then, add some flowers for a lovely fall centerpiece.  The sweetheart table should be decorated with roses and floating candles to be both romantic and elegant. If you wish to incorporate the tree theme into your cake, consider standing your cake on an actual tree stump with your initials carved into it.

Barnyard Weddings

A barn wedding takes a rustic wedding to another level.  It allows you to use chic and inventive ideas at your wedding venue.  If you’re doing an outdoor autumn wedding, consider decorating the altar with a beautiful arrangement of greenery and purple and orange flowers.  Bring the look inside the reception hall with long farmhouse tables, covered in white linens and accented with orange or rust colored napkins. Want to add some of your personality to the decor? Try hanging a heart-shaped horseshoe or a cowbell, with a note, reading, “Ring for a kiss.” This is a creative way to get the bride and groom to kiss, instead of banging silverware.  Since fall is often cooler, arrange to have a hot chocolate bar, complete with garnishes, such as marshmallows and peppermint sticks.

Leaf-themed Weddings

The vivid colors of autumn’s falling leaves provide a beautiful natural wedding theme.   Shades of sunflower yellow, ruby red and dark burgundy embody a fall harvest theme. They provide the perfect photo opportunities if you’re an offbeat bride.  Consider lying on the grass together and then spreading some leaving on your wedding dress for a pop of color. Another new idea is to show to take a wedding photo of your new rings among the colorful leaves. The leaves can also be used for several paper products, including save the date cards or place cards.

For a fun reception idea, stack your desserts on different wood tables and display hanging leaves with a catchy sign, “Falling in Love.”  For your wedding cake, play on the tree and leaves theme, with your initials carved on the cake and colorful leaves added for decoration.

Organic Greenery Weddings

This year, combining organic greenery and white wedding decorations and floral arrangements is one of the hottest trends.  These look beautiful in any season, but the beauty of autumn just adds to the simple natural elegance of it. With some simple greenery and white flowers, the possibilities are endless, including for your wedding invitations.  A classic one features a white background with green writing and green vines cascading. For something different at your wedding ceremony, drape white organza over the wedding alter and then decorate it with greenery on each side.

At the reception, you have even more options for wedding decor and table centerpieces. If you want to keep it modern and minimal, consider filling bud vases with a sprig of greenery and a white rose. If you want a more romantic look, set a lantern, filled with candles in the center, and surround it with greenery and long tapering candles. A simple tiered white wedding cake is perfect, adorned with sprigs of greenery and white roses. It looks gorgeous and is also cost effective.

Disney Themed Weddings

Disney-themed weddings are a popular trend this fall. Many brides may opt for a classic Cinderella wedding in the fall since they can utilize pumpkins. However, the remake of Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin are popular themes too.  Here are some ideas for wedding invitations, decorations, and wedding cakes for all three.

  • Cinderella-This romantic theme will truly have you feeling like a princess.  You have an array of choices for wedding dresses, intricate A-line gowns to ball gowns. Complete the look with an infamous glass slipper an elegant tiara. Use shades of blue and white to create beautiful wedding bouquets with blooming hydrangeas and white roses. Using white pumpkins arranged on a pedestal stand is the perfect centerpiece for fall. The best part of this theme is arriving in your own pumpkin-shaped Cinderella carriage.
  • Beauty and the Beast- Many couples strive to live happily ever after like a Disney princess. If you desire to fully feel like “Belle,” choose a yellow ombre wedding gown. There are several little details you can add to the wedding reception, including a “Be Our Guest, “guest book, and a wedding cake adorned with red roses.   Make your reception centerpieces tall , elegant candelabras, intertwined with roses.
  • Aladdin-Since the remake of Aladdin came out this year, this will also be a popular wedding theme and the jewel tones and blue are perfect for fall 2019. Find some scroll-style wedding invitations with a tassel that features a Middle Eastern vibe.  Brides can wear a princess-inspired dress or wear an exotic Indian wedding gown. Complete your look with wearing gold and blue nail polish. Even if your wedding reception is inside, decorate it with colorful draperies and a colorful carpet, similar to the magic carpet. Brass camels filled with vivid flowers and a 3-tiered cake with a magic lamp completes this look.

Games of Thrones Themed Weddings

The television series Game of Thrones ended this year, making it another popular theme. Since this fantasy series takes place outdoors in Northern Ireland, consider having an outdoor ceremony.  Use the woodland trees, vivid leaves, and greenery and moss to your advantage. This is the perfect time for the bride to wear a lace wedding dress and complete the look with a fur wrap to look like an ice princess.  You can incorporate your love of the show into your bridesmaids’ attire as well. Consider burgundy or purple dresses, floral hair jewelry, and a bouquet brooch with your favorite coat of arms.  

It’s easy to incorporate Game of Thrones into your reception decor and your cake as well.  Make your own escort cards with your wedding guests, seated by your favorite noble houses. If you’re feeling creative, arrange some of the shrubbery into a green dragon. Consider having a sweetheart table, instead of a head table, since you’re like royalty.  Consider serving roast chicken with root vegetables as it was a stable at a king’s feast and works well in the fall. Complete this theme with a dramatic decorated cake and a crown or a dragon as the cake topper.

Make Your Fall 2019 Wedding a Day to Remember

Are you planning a fall wedding? Our Event Coordinator at The Pavilion will assist you in showing you and your fiancé some of her favorite fall wedding ideas. We can work around both intimate wedding ceremonies, and large events. Whether you want an outdoor woodland wedding and or a trending Disney-themed wedding, our coordinator can offer tips on ceremony and reception decor, themed menus, and the best photo opportunities.  Please contact us today, and we will help you plan the fall wedding of your dreams. 

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