Chimera, Cadence and Water Street District – Knitting the City of Henderson Together

Chimera Golf Club loves calling the City of Henderson home. One of the best parts about our home is the excitement of what is going on with our neighbors around us. The valley’s newest master planned community and the nearby Water Street District; both have a bright future ahead.

Residents and those relocating to Southern Nevada now have Cadence, a 2,200 acre master planned community underway to consider. It has been over a decade since Henderson has seen a new community of this size and quality.

As it turns out, Chimera Golf Club and the Cadence project have much in common. Both of our properties enjoy amazing Las Vegas Strip views. Both help to promote a healthy lifestyle of outdoor activity. We also share the issue of doing business in the Mohave Desert. Our stewardship of water is very important for current and future residents. Having a beautiful green property in the desert is no easy task. Chimera Golf Club maintains our landscaping and fairways with the careful use of reclaimed water. This water is stored in our lakes. Cadence is developing a 50-acre expanse of open space with a pond called Central Park. Representatives for Cadence have specified that the project is using heat tolerant and water efficient and water efficient landscaping throughout their community. Their pond also functions to irrigate their landscaping with reclaimed water.

Chimera Golf Club team meets with water officials.

We have made a commitment to improving how water is used on our course and we are making great strides in learning more and more about conserving the valley’s most precious resource. This month we met with a team of experts from the Southern Nevada Water Authority and the City of Henderson Water and Wastewater Operations. Our objective is to set a benchmark for where we are now, and with the City of Henderson’s help, set new standards for using water wisely while maintaining an amazing golf experience for our guests.

Chimera Golf Club is committed to reaching out and getting involved in our community. We are reaching out to social media and making sure we are in touch with our Tuscany neighbors too. We are so humbled to have received this comment from a Tuscany forum: “Wow how exciting. Your contribution to this community has been nothing short of fabulous. You have made living here with so much positive energy an A+, thank you for all your efforts.”

We love to do business with local vendors and are working on projects to help local causes. We have joined the Water Street District Business Association and are already enjoying the relationships we are making with local merchants and city officials who are active in the organization. The Water Street area of Henderson is adjacent to the Cadence project and will surely benefit from the thousands of residents who will be calling Cadence home in the next few years. Developers are eyeing the area and have already announced plans for a new brewery and a mixed-use office and housing project. There will be much more to come and we are excited to see this part of the valley knit together and prosper together.

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