Chimera Unveiled

HENDERSON, NEVADA, October 6, 2015, Tom Burke, owner of Henderson Nevada’s Chimera Golf Club announced the installation of the Club’s symbolic icon, a Chimera sculpture. Cast in iron and designed to blend in with natural elements, the statue was designed and constructed by Las Vegas artist, Ramon Sanchez. Sanchez is the artist known for the celebrated steel sculptures of horses and bighorn sheep that beautify the highways throughout the Las Vegas Valley as well his collection on display at the Springs Preserve.

Layered sheet metal and finished with a weathered patina, the statue will make an impressive statement for many years to come. It is strategically located, front and center, in the driving range taking advantage of the amazing strip views. Guests will be able to view the beautiful art piece and take keepsake photos before a round of golf or dining at the Bar and Grill. The statue will be officially unveiled at a special ribbon cutting ceremony later this month.

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the work Ramon has done and what it represents. He completely captured our vision that Chimera is a thing of beauty and it is here to stay,” says Burke. The Golf Club also obtained the Pegasus statue, formerly on loan to the Springs Preserve. The Pegasus and Chimera statues go hand in hand as they faced off in an epic Greek Mythological battle. “The legend of the Chimera is so entrenched with the Pegasus legend, we were fortunate to be able to acquire the Pegasus as well,” said Burke. “We want to thank Ramon Sanchez for his beautiful additions to our property and the lasting memories they will help create.”

About Chimera Golf Club

Located within the Tuscany Village community of Henderson Nevada, Chimera Golf Club is a Ted Robinson designed golf course, Bar and Grill. The course provides a stimulating game for golfers of all abilities and has a rewards program for locals. Guests enjoy unparalleled views of the Las Vegas Strip, and spectacular mountain ranges. The property’s beautiful water features, picturesque desert terrain and superb guest service makes Chimera Golf Club an inviting destination for parties, weddings, and special events too.

Chimera  pronounced “ki-meer-uh” was a mythological, fire-breathing monster, represented with the body and head of a female lion, a goat’s head rising from its back, and a serpent for a tail. Chimera is a synonym for infinite imagination, passion, and creativity, while it also symbolizes one’s pursuit of what seems unattainable or elusive (“to chase Chimeras”). The illusion and the mirage of this special oasis created to fight the desert’s heat and sun lead to the naming of the course, “Chimera.”

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