Resident Booking Policy: I understand that by accessing this booking page, I am declaring that I am a local resident of Clark County, Nevada (as detailed on the Proof of Residency & Casino Employee page).  I am prepared to prove my residency of Clark County by showing at check-in my own Nevada state-issued picture identification verifying my residency in Clark County or a current utility bill.  I understand that the non-resident rate will be charged to any player(s) who fail to prove residency as detailed above.

Chimera Golf Club requires a (24) hour advance notice to cancel any tee times, including reductions in group size.  If change or cancellation is not made within this timeframe, the credit card holder is responsible for all applicable charges.  Furthermore, if the group for which the booking appears for fewer players than the reservation is for, then the credit card holder is responsible for the remaining players (refer to Chimera Golf Club No Show Policy for further details and fees).

Don’t forget to call to book your Luxury Golf Cart or GolfBoard after you book your tee time.
If you’re a single player, please contact us at 702-951-1500 and we’ll add you to an available group.

GIVE US A CALL AT: 702-951-1500 (AVAILABLE 24/7/365)