What is the Foundation a Golf Swing Should be Built Upon

If you’re new to golf or have played a few times, you might want to learn about how to have an accurate golf swing. Golfers should master the foundation of a golf swing before they approach the ball. Mastering the perfect swing can help you hit the ball accurately every time and not overcompensate or “kill the ball” when you swing. Here are a few pointers and golf tips to help you find the best swing, rotation and golf stance.  

Having the Proper Foundation for Your Swing

Every golfer needs a solid foundation before they swing. Your foundation is your core and how you carry your torso. When you set up your body correctly as you approach the ball, this can help you keep the right stance with your feet. They will be in a specific position to support your upper body and frame as you turn in your swing and hit the ball.

Your Stance

Your stance should allow you to tilt your spine slightly but with enough force that as you transfer your weight into your turn, you hit the ball. It’s not the force of your swing or how hard you swing a club that causes the ball to have more loft or distance. It’s maintaining a correct posture and full swing. That way when you come into contact with the ball, you’re able to hit it up higher and further than if you were to use all your brute strength.  

Your Positioning

When you position your feet they should be in line with your shoulders for a square stance. For example, your left foot should be in line with your left shoulder and your right foot should be in line with your right shoulder. You need this much distance between your feet to help support your upper body as you drawback in your swing, make contact with the ball and then follow through your swing. 

Your Angle

Keep your back and spine straight but tilted slightly forward as this will support your swing. This is your core foundation as you’ll rotate and turn easier with this alignment of your back and spine. The slight tilt forward will help you to avoid bringing your head up or dropping lower during your swing. It’s a mistake some golfers make. However, practicing with a video or a mirror can help you break this habit.  

Your Full Swing and Why Your Foundation is Important

When you hold your driver, remember to keep your feet shoulder-width apart. You can always widen your stance slightly if it helps increase your stability. Remember to keep that spine and back straight and tilt your upper torso slightly over the ball. Keep your knees flexible and slightly bent. 

Almost like a pendulum swinging that’s slightly tilted: 

  • Image 1: You’ll start at the center with the clubhead center with your chest and your arms and shoulders in a triangle
  • Image 2: For your backswing, you’ll pull slightly back as your arms go right. The clubhead is parallel with the ground and in front of your body
  • Image 3: In your backswing, your club forms the top of an “L” as the clubhead shaft is parallel with the ball. Your arms are straight to the right. This is where your power comes from. 
  • Image 4: In the top of your swing, your shoulders, left arm and your clubface are parallel and your chin is in line with your left shoulder. Your back is to the hole. However, your lower body is still facing the front and stable.
  • Image 5: As you move down from your downswing, some instructors say there’s a slight whip like you’re pulling a chain. This is when your body and hips start to rotate forward and then left toward the hole. Your legs will also turn left as you shift your bodyweight about 80% to your left leg. Your right heel will also come up at this point. You’ll end up facing the direction of the hole. 

Next, let’s explore a few ways to help you have the perfect swing – every time! 

Having Problems Correcting a Bad Swing? Here’s How the Right Foundation Can Help You Develop the Perfect Swing

For seasoned golfers, having the right swing means everything. Maybe you’ve experimented with a few swings but still haven’t found the best swing. It can be quite frustrating. However, you can find the perfect swing with a few simple changes – and a lot of practice. To help you find a consistent swing that delivers a flush impact with the ball, this swing technique might be all you need. 

About 45% of golfers aren’t able to break 100 and it might be attributable to their swing. It’s possible that too many techniques have them overcompensating or confused as they hear one technique versus the next. 

A concern is that when a golfer finds instructions online, the new technique serves as a temporary fix. However, once they see their new technique isn’t working, they’ll fall back into old body habit mistakes. What they’re missing that you can benefit from is consistent practice with a new swing takes time. Keep repeating the steps, record yourself and watch yourself in a mirror. These can all help you maintain the correct posture on and off the course. 

5 Techniques to Help You Master the Perfect Swing

There are 5 basic steps to explore. These all start with a solid foundation in your set up. Next are your takeaway and backswing. Lastly, it’s about mastering your downswing and follow-through. 

Your Foundation and Set-Up

A few pointers can help you master your set-up and foundation.

These include:

  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep the ball just to your left with your shirt logo or left ear as a marker. 
  • Tilt forward slightly and grip your club left hand under the right.
  • Let your ankles roll in slightly for a solid foundation where you’re anchored to the ground.
  • Keep your arms relaxed, not tense.
  • Keep your spine straight not arched or slumped and keep your head up.
  • Keep your elbows slightly behind your shoulders.
  • Turn your right elbow slightly to the ball for the best takeaway. 

Your Takeaway 

Mastering your takeaway is important so you don’t overcompensate and “kill the ball”. These pointers will help you have the best foundation.

Tips include:

  • Make sure your wrists stay neutral so the club can stay on specific angles with your body.
  • Draw your right shoulder into your spine by about two inches.
  • Dig your right heel on the ground when you start your takeaway.
  • Try to keep your right arm straight completely through your takeaway. 
  • Your right hip and right glute will be engaged if your takeaway is correct. 

Your Backswing

The next step is mastering your backswing. The goal is to maintain the plane and to do this, the angle of your spine has to stay the same from the set-up position into the backswing. 

Tips include:

  • Your wrist movement should break slightly at the takeaway’s end and you should have a slight lift in your left shoulder. 
  • Flex your right elbow as you rotate your right arm.
  • Your right shoulder should be drawn back behind you toward your spine.
  • Your left arm, shoulder and chin should be parallel and in one line.
  • Your right elbow will point to the ground and your left leg will be flexed with your weight on the right side of your body. 

Your Downswing

Your downswing is crucial as you want to work on consistency for more power, lift and distance. To master this, you must rotate your body in the opposite direction of the ball. That way your swing is power and not force. It’s a centripetal force that follows a curved path. 

Tips include:

  • When you start your downswing, pull from the left arm and oblique like pulling a chain down, not from the right by force.
  • You’re going to shift your body weight from the right foot to the left with about 80% of your weight on the left heel.
  • Your right heel rolls but is still down while your left heel and glute start to engage and push into the ground.
  • You’re going to pull with your left
  • This is the key: There is no movement in your arms or in your shoulders – it’s a fluid motion like the Iron Byron technique.
  • You should have a flat left wrist when you hit the ball with your head behind the ball.

Your Follow-Through

The last step to master is your follow-through. This should be the simplest part once you master the other four sections. 

Tips include: 

  • Rotate completely through your shot as you pull from your left side.
  • With your head behind the golf ball, your right-hand crosses over the left one.
  • Keep a straight spine angle as you finish your shot and end facing the hole.

Practice, Practice, Practice…

Give yourself time to work on these steps and practice mastering them one section at a time. You’ll see that as you do, you’ll start to lower your handicap. 

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