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The Kelvin Miyahira Experience

Gareth has spent his entire adult, hunting down, testing, and refining the best golf instruction the world has to offer. He’s spent a fortune on golf experts, training programs, and a lifetime on the driving range. Gareth has made all the mistakes so you don’t have to. He will shine a light on your path to success and together will watch you naturally develop a movement pattern within the swing that is efficient, accurate, and powerful. The foundation of this swing training helps you to be aware of your body’s innate ability to move by exploring the wonders of the Myofascial Tissue System everyone is blessed with. Anatomical based golf instruction is the future, it’s up to you whether you take part or not! Don’t leave good golf on the table!

Who is Kelvin Miyahira!? In Gareth’s honest opinion as a Golf Pro who has scoured the Internet for years on end, Kelvin is the greatest golf instructor of all time. His impact on this industry is so profound that as a by-product of his articles which he published online for free. He not only gave a little English kid a pass around the world teaching this beautiful game, but he also gave me a golf swing that even the greats would be proud of!

Kelvin was the first instructor to break down the golf swing with super slow-motion video. We are talking 10,000 FPS+! He then took this extremely valuable video feedback from the best ball strikers of all time and dissected it piece by piece. Outlining a clear anatomical blueprint for anyone with a human body and a desire to become better.


To Schedule a Lesson:

  • Please call or text Gareth’s cell at (725) 300-9177 or email
  • Private lessons, group lessons, clinics, and on-course lessons, call for a quote today.

Gareth is an extremely passionate golf instructor, easily found working on his own game. A shining example of what is needed from his students to become great!
Some Topics of Discussion for your golf swing.

  • The Release of the Club.
  • Clubhead speed and how increasing this one component is the key to your longevity.
  • Rotation and its engagement of Myofascial Tissue.
  • Slow-motion training and how to recode bad habits.
  • Practice keys guaranteeing improvement.
  • Mental tricks to help you understand how to perform your best on any given day.
  • Endless video feedback and homework for you to study to help fill the holes in your knowledge to aid faster improvement.

There are no shortcuts on the quest for perfection. – Ben Hogan.

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