Understanding Frost & Frost delay prevention

It is that time of the year again where we begin to experience frost at Chimera Golf Club. Any type of traffic on our Bermuda or Ryegrass while there is frost on the plant, including foot traffic, will prove detrimental. In some instances where the temperature gets up above the 32-degree mark, we will use water to help melt the frost. Frost does not discriminate against what grass it develops on and neither does the ensuing damage from traffic on it.

Traffic on frosty turf will result in death whether it’s a green, tee, fairway or rough.  Implementing a Frost Prevention Policy to protect the entire course, not just the greens, is an integral component of ensuring that the everyday turf conditions meet our high expectations. With regards to frost, there are a few very important aspects that many golfers are not aware of.  When we arrive at the course in the morning, it may be frost-free.

Quite often frost develops as the sun begins to rise and can continue to develop after sunrise as the temperature tends to slightly drop. Frost typically occurs at temperatures of 39 degrees Fahrenheit or lower and clear skies and no wind increase the potential for frost.

Here at Chimera Golf Club we do our best to update you with our current course conditions as early and often as we can. For the months of December and January, Chimera Golf Club has decided to push back our first available tee time to 7:28 AM as a frost delay prevention strategy. Please call the Chimera Golf Shop at 702-951-1500 for more information.

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